Safety Solutions

Ensuring Safety Through Technology

Custom solutions to meet all expectations!

Asset and Personnel Tracking

Know where all of your personnel and important equipment are at all times!

Meerkat Technologies provides real-time asset and personnel tracking solutions for an ever-changing, digital landscape. With thousands of hours of research and field testing, Meerkat is poised to become one of the leading providers of RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) and RTS (Real Time Sensors) solutions across a wide variety of applications.

Safety & Security Solutions

Monitor the security of your workspace efficiently 24/7

Meerkat Technologies works closely with experts in the field of safety and security to provide wholistic integration of all organizational systems utilizing a single pane of glass. Monitor cameras, access control, environmental controls, lighting, alarm systems, tracking systems and more from a single dashboard customized to each setting. These solutions allow for more productive and efficient monitoring by security/safety personnel from anywhere, at anytime.

System Highlights

Highly configurable system that can alert for specific scenarios defined by our customers.
Uses Artificial Intelligence to provide critical feedback data in real-time.
Capable of alerting using SMS, Phone calls, emails, Audio (alarms) and Visual indicators.
Affordable (BLE) Bluetooth Low Energy devices with battery life lasting for years.
Interactive 3D map with integration capabilities for doors and cameras.

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