Our Founders: A teacher and a police officer

Meerkat Technologies emerged from the shared passion of its founders—a former educator and a dedicated police officer. Both intimately familiar with the intricate tapestry of real-life scenarios that unfold within the walls of prisons and schools, they united their experiences to create something truly remarkable.

With unwavering dedication, they conceived a system that transcends the ordinary—an ingenious solution that seamlessly connects the threads of safety and efficiency. Their vision? To ensure that help arrives precisely where and when it's needed, long before the shadows of concern turn into the specter of an emergency.

For Meerkat Safe, this endeavour is not just a mission; it's a heartfelt commitment. We understand that every school is a sanctuary of learning, a place where dreams take flight, and where every life under its roof deserves utmost protection. Our founders' genuine empathy, coupled with their unwavering professionalism, is the driving force behind our innovative approach to security.

Christopher Fisher 
PhD – CEO, Founder​

Heather Fisher - COO