In an emergency situation, every second counts

Identify the threat

Respond immediately

Protect lives

Feel confident you know exactly where to respond so you can keep kids safe

Follow the threat

Know where the problem is, even when it's moving from one place to another

Respond immediately

Find everyone, even if they can't push a button to call for help

Protect lives

Detect when kids are where they shouldn't be and address problems before they happen

Our Founders: A teacher and a police officer

Nothing is more important than our kids.  We know that when help is needed, it’s needed immediately.  You need a solution that gives you confidence to act when and where it’s needed. 

Meerkat Safe was founded by a former teacher and a police officer who know first hand the real life, unique situations that happen in schools.  We developed a system that gets help to the right location immediately, before an issue becomes an emergency.  

See an approach that's going to keeps kids safe

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See how Meerkat Safe provides accurate information to address every possible risk

2 - Develop a custom plan

Choose the coverage and alerts that will keep your school safe

3 - Stay alert to every threat

Feel confident you're able to react quickly when issues arise

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Meerkat Safe is a school safety solution developed in collaboration with experts from the education and security fields. It is a wholistic safety solution that utilizes an innovative combination of software, hardware, and integration into your existing systems to ensure your organization has clear visibility of all people, areas, and assets in real time. Our unique mapping solution allows you a single pane of glass to monitor all of your systems overlaid on a custom 3-D map of your facility; easily see not only tracking information, but also cameras, access control, alarms, and environmental sensors from a single screen view.

Key Features of Meerkat Safe Education

Smart Interactive 3D Map

Meerkat specializes in tracking of assets in real-time on a custom 3D map of a facility. Our customized mapping solutions make it very easy to deploy a user-friendly map of a facility and plot important alerts on it.

Seamless Integrations

Integrates with existing systems - such as access control, cameras, student information systems, detection sensors, and more. This allows your organization to have a single pane of glass view of all systems.

Highly Customizable 

Not all education facilities are the same and neither are their security needs.  Because of this Meerkat Safe can be customized, not only for your district, but also per facility in your district.  This makes our solution extremely flexible.  

Student Centered

Our solution is designed to be student-centered and focused on helping solve everyday problems. We do not only focus on being useful during a critical event or emergency situation. 

Real Time Location Services

With RTLS you will always know where your staff, teachers, and students are at within your district at all times. RTLS allows you to find exactly where a person is located within your district's facilities. 

Powerful Reports

Meerkat Safe's reports ensure that you can easily get the data you need, when you need it.  All of the data collected by our solution is easily retrieved and exported. 

Priority Notifications

When a critical situation happens Meerkat Safe can send priority notifications via phone calls, text messages, emails, push notifications, or a combination of all of these.  Meerkat Safe can even contact 911 directly. Notification trees are customizable to the location and/or type of incident. 

Wireless Alert Buttons

Our ID cards and many other tags have alert buttons built into them so that they can notify the proper personnel needed for any situation from anywhere within your district's facilities. Our ID cards and tags work in any Meerkat Safe enabled facility within your district. 


Meerkat Safe's customizable deployments,  innovative equipment, and software design make the solution affordable for all educational institutions no matter their size.  Meerkat Technologies believes everyone has the right to feel safe at school, not just those with the most money to spend.  

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